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Haunting in the Hills demonstrator lineup announced

BANDY CREEK  |  The Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area has announced its demonstrators for the 31stannual Haunting in the Hills festival, which is set for Saturday, September 16.

Among this year’s demonstrations: 

Traditional Farrier Services: Witness the age-old craft of horse-shoeing and learn about its importance in Appalachian history.

Moonshine Crafting: Explore the intricate process of moonshine-making, a process deeply entwined with the region’s folklore and economy.

Revolutionary Period Long Hunters: Step back in time with reenactments and demonstrations by historical longhunters from the American Revolution era.

HAM Radio Operators: Discover the role of HAM radio in Appalachian communities and its significance as a communications tool.

Forest Ecology: Gain insights into the unique ecology of the Appalachian forest, its flora and fauna.

Wildlife Safety: Learn essential wildlife safety tips and knowledge, especially important in a region rich with diverse wildlife.

Haunting in the Hills is a daylong story-telling festival. Admission is free.

Ben Garrett
Ben Garretthttp://gocumberlands.com
Ben Garrett is publisher of Go Cumberlands. He lives in Oneida, Tennessee with his wife, three kids and dog, Boone.

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