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Hiking Trails of the Big South Fork

The following table lists the hiking trails of the Big South Fork. Note that this is only hiking-specific trails (though some of them — the Grand Gap Loop and multiple segments of the John Muir Trail — are shared with mountain bikes). It does not include mountain bike-specific trails, horse-specific trails, or multi-use trails, all of which are open to hiking.

TrailDifficultyTypeLengthElevation GainTrailhead
Angel FallsEasyOut and back3.6197Leatherwood
O&WModerateOut and back4.7429Leatherwood or O&W
Angel Falls OverlookHardOut and back6.3686Leatherwood
Sunset OverlookEasyOut and back2.6111East Rim
Leatherwood LoopHardLoop2.9597East Rim or Leatherwood
Bandy Creek LoopEasyLoop1.345Bandy Creek
Oscar Blevins Farm LoopEasyLoop3.7265Bandy Creek
John Litton Farm LoopModerateLoop6.2518Bandy Creek
West EntranceModerateOut and back6.7525Bandy Creek or West Entrance
Laurel Fork Creek to John MuirHardConnector8.1 (16.1)305 (1,365)West Entrance
Laurel Fork Creek to Middle Creek*HardConnector6.8 (13.6)594 (1,240)West Entrance
Grand Gap LoopHardLoop6.3630Grand Gap
Fall BranchModerateConnector2.0 (3.9)269 (479)Litton Farm to Grand Gap
John Muir Segment (Grand Gap to Laurel Fork)HardConnector9.2 (18.3)614 (1,722)Grand Gap
John Muir Segment (Laurel Fork to Rock Creek)HardConnector14.31,726
John Muir Segment (Rock Creek to Pickett)HardConnector6.4663Pickett State Park
John Muir Segment (O&W to Honey Creek)HardConnector2.5 (5.1)659 (922)O&W or Honey Creek
John Muir TrailHardThru Hike41.54,472Pickett or Honey Creek
Honey Creek LoopHardLoop4.5839Honey Creek
Beaver FallsModerateConnector4.2387Honey Creek
Burnt Mill LoopModerateLoop4.2410Burnt Mill Bridge
Jake’s PlaceEasyConnector2.456
Slave Falls LoopEasyLoop3.2378Sawmill
Twin Arches Inner LoopModerateLoop0.7400Twin Arches
Twin Arches LoopHardLoop5.0797Twin Arches
Charit CreekModerateOut and back1.6445Charit Creek
Maude’s CrackEasyOut and back2.4193Terry Cemetery
Rock Creek LoopHardLoop8.0977Rock Creek
Clear Fork LoopEasyLoop2.4374Rugby
Blue Heron LoopHardLoop6.3862Blue Heron
Catawba Overlook & Dicks GapModerateOut-and-back4.3715Blue Heron
Split Bow ArchEasyLoop0.6196Bear Creek
Bear Creek OverlookEasyOut-and-back0.519Bear Creek
Yahoo FallsEasyLoop1.0196Yahoo Falls
Yahoo ArchModerateOut-and-back5.0833Yahoo Falls
Princess FallsEasyOut-and-back2.4131Yamacraw
Middle Creek LoopEasyLoop3.2272Middle Creek
East Rim OverlookEasyOut-and-back0.120East Rim
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