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Norris Lake

Location: Anderson, Campbell, Claiborne, Grainger and Union counties in Tennessee.

Acreage: 33,840 acres.

Activities: Boating, fishing, camping.


Norris Lake was created in 1933, when the Tennessee Valley Authority began construction of Norris Dam on the Clinch River. The $36 million project was the TVA’s first project as part of the New Deal. Construction was completed in 1936, with the reservoir extending 73 miles up the Clinch River and 56 miles up the Powell River.

Norris Lake was named for U.S. Sen. George W. Norris, of Nebraska, who wrote the legislation that created the TVA. 

With its water covering 33,840 acres and its shoreline covering 809 miles, Norris Lake is the largest reservoir on a tributary of the Tennessee River.

Norris Lake is home to several conservation areas, such as Norris Dam State Park, Cove Creek Wildlife Management Area and Chuck Swan State Forest.

A popular destination

Norris Lake has more recreational use than any other lake on the TVA system. Watersports such as skiing are particularly popular, as are activities such as fishing and swimming. 

Norris Lake is not particularly well-regarded for its fishing, when compared to other lakes around the region, such as Dale Hollow Lake. However, there are 56 species of fish in the lake, and it is especially well-known for its striper fishing.

There are 59 public access sites on Noris Lake, and numerous vacation rentals with direct access to the lake, which help promote recreational use of the waters at Norris.

There are a whopping 22 marinas that serve the lake. Among them: Beach Island Marina, Blue Springs Boat Dock, Cedar Grove Marina, Flat Hollow Resort, Hickory Star Marina, Indian River Marina, Lone Mountain Marina, Mountain Lake Marina, Norris Dam Marina, Norris Landing Marina, Powell Valley Resort, Sequoyah Marina, Shangai Resort, and Springs Dock Resort.

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