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A scenic road trip through New River’s historic mining settlements

Narrow and winding S.R. 116 passes through many communities along the headwaters of New River in the Cumberland Mountains. Places like Coal Creek, Beech...

Terry Cemetery, final resting place for many from No Business

In the early days of the No Business settlement west of the Big South Fork River, the community’s dead were buried in the Nancy...

Big South Fork’s tragic cemetery, where farmer buried seven of his children

One by one, Wesley Owens buried his children. A farmer by trade, Owens dug their graves, built their coffins, and lowered their small bodies into...

Lora Blevins farmstead is a throwback to a simpler era

Located just north of Bandy Creek, and right on the “main road,” is the Lora Blevins farmstead — a well-preserved early 20th century homeplace...